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One of the staple items involved in storing or moving pretty much anything is the box. Being able to pack items within a confined unit that can be easily moved and stacked is such a fundamental concept, and without them you are not going to be able to keep your storage area tidy and easy to sift through. As such, it is important to ensure that boxes are good quality and in a fit state for purpose; it’s all very well having acquired a heap of boxes for free, but if they are weakly designed or falling apart then they are going to cause a lot of problems later on.

We wrote an article a while back about where you might be able to get hold of boxes at a cheap price, if not for free, and whilst we stand by this advice, it should be assumed that some of it is very much to be considered as a last resort, tempting though it is to try claw back some money from the expensive circumstances that might surround a move into self storage. Buying good quality and strong boxes brand new is always going to be worth it for one simple reason – they are going to give that extra seal of protection to ensure that your belongings are going to last the storage phase. In the long run that will save you money and grief, rather than having to chase around replacing items that have broken.

These days you are going to be finding boxes either at your local storage centre, DIY store, or on the internet. For prices and wider selection, most of us are going to be gravitating towards the internet – but how do you know what is going to be a good spend when the boxes aren’t in front of you to inspect? A general rule of thumb is to look for cardboard boxes boasting a corrugated double wall design, then you are pretty certain that they are going to withstand most of what can be thrown at a box. This means that, unlike the common single walled boxes which are going to consist of one corrugated layer, this has two corrugated layers which obviously makes the construction a great deal sturdier and the protection for your items far higher.

Furthermore if you search online, there are cardboard boxes tailor made for various items, such as long wide boxes for televisions, wine bottle boxes with individual compartments, or archiving boxes with a lid for paperwork. It is worth exploring the benefits of these, as they will be designed to make storage and moving of the boxes a lot easier, with extra protection where it is needed and perhaps extra features such as handles for carrying. Do your measurements and have a good shop around for the strongest and most suitable boxes for your job, as at the end of the day you will get what you pay for.

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