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One of the benefits of self storage is that, certain things excepting, your storage facility is not going to be at all fussed about exactly what it is you are storing in the space they are providing for you. This is a fact welcomed by those of us who have interests and hobbies that end up consuming not only time, but a permanent amount of storage space. And therefore storage units all over the world may be filled with items of more specialist interest and value than a few boxes of household goods that arose from a decluttering exercise.

Once one starts to become an avid collector, the possible space available to store your collection starts to become a difficulty. Having a room in the house for your passion is a sound idea, but often it does mean that all the other rooms have to change in order to accommodate this. When that room hits its capacity point, there is nothing for it than to spill out into other rooms or find a larger location in which to house your collection. As such, self storage poses some great benefits, not least that should you outgrow your storage unit, it shouldn’t be too difficult to upgrade into a newer larger one.

But other than the obvious extra space that self storage can afford, are there any other benefits to hiring a storage unit near you for your collection? Quite a few actually, and may in fact pose arguments for using self storage even if you have the space available at home. The first is keeping things in good condition – you might not realise it, but if you are the sort who might leave their collection unattended for a long while, the factors of air moisture and temperature changes may cause issues to whatever it is you are keeping. Whilst the impact of damage from atmospheric conditions will naturally vary depending on the materials your collectibles are made of, a climate controlled storage solution from your local storage provider will help keep your items in the best of shape. It may be worth speaking to your storage centre or other collectors in your niche to find out more about the correct ways to store your items long term.

The other very important factor is that of security. Collections can often be expensive to maintain, and will certainly have a financial value if not an emotional one too. Keeping items in a self storage centre, which has CCTV, locks everywhere and people continually on site is going to make a lot more sense for security purposes than keeping it in a room at home or a shed in the back garden. Plus this will force you into having suitable insurance in place, if you don’t have this already.

So for those avid collectors out there, self storage might be the ticket, not just for the benefits of having some extra breathing space in your home, but in that it will keep your items secure and in the best possible condition as well.

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