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It’s been a strange summer weather-wise – many of us have been absolutely baked in the heat wave, whilst we are also being told it has been one of the wettest summers since records began! Just our luck that when summer rolls around, many of us have end up craving to stay in either to stay cool or dry, when we should be off on holiday getting some sun in at the beach.

If our base level animal instincts come into play when trying to keep our body temperatures regulated against the fickle climate, just spare a thought for all the items you have sat in your garage or in a self storage centre on the other side of town. How are they going to fare over the summer as extremes in temperature and humidity pogo up and down?

Items you put in self storage are generally meant to be used in conditions that are suitable for human habitation. Keeping them boxed up in a room over summer is going to start the first steps towards deterioration. Plastic, depending on its type, is at risk of going soft or warping; metal can go rusty; all sorts of things can happen to wood also. Fabric becomes a breeding ground for mould and mustiness, and paper begins to age quicker. A bit of a recipe for disaster, or at the very least, disappointment.

The important point to take away from this is the consideration of some sort of climate control for self storage. This is a system that regulates the atmospheric conditions for the room in which your items are stored, and makes sure that they are as pristine as the day you boxed them up. Many storage companies will offer climate controlled storage and you ought to carefully consider this when picking a suitable storage solution. If you don’t have this luxury, then you may want to consider your own solutions for tackling, or at least notifying yourself 0f, temperature extremes or controlling humidity.

This isn’t to say that you must always opt for climate controlled self storage – it is very likely that if you are storing “garden shed” types of items, then you aren’t going to be getting much extra value for money in going for the bells and whistles option. However, for delicate objects, expensive household items, furniture and valuables, it is very likely going to be the most sensible choice, and preferred in today’s up and down climate.

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