Reasons Why We Should Declutter

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Decluttering is one of those tasks that we love to put off until the last minute – there’s always something more pressing, less tiring or simply more entertaining than just getting on with throwing out or selling things that are getting in the way that you no longer need. You may find once a year that you might get into the right mode to throw things out for a few days, or perhaps you leave it until a big occasion such as moving house. Maybe you can survive around your clutter but are very self conscious of visitors to your house¬†clambering all over your junk and making inappropriate comments about it. Or perhaps that special person is finally moving in, but you are ashamed with the drawers full of abandoned relics you can’t let go…

Simply put, if you can’t get rid of things efficiently, you are losing out in many ways. Having too many pointless items doesn’t just limit physical space, it also impedes on your mood, ability to think flexibly and use your living space to its full potential. Clutter can easily get out of control and make you prisoner to it. Therefore you need some sort of motivation to take some action, the sort of motivation that is evergreen and always pertinent whatever the time or situation.

What comes first in anybody’s life? It has to be health. Is hoarding healthy? No, I wouldn’t say that it is. The fewer things you have to manage, the less strain it takes on your life. Do you want to spend all your weekend tiring yourself out cleaning and maintaining largely unused stuff? Or perhaps you don’t want to clean it and would rather make yourself ill inhaling all the dust and nasties that gradually accumulate. Wouldn’t it be much better to have a clean peaceful place to spend your idle time? In a nice clutter-free household you can literally feel good vibes on the air; in a clutter-filled zone there is an innate sense of discord and stress.

Not far behind health, people value their money. And what better motivation is there than the thought that all the stuff you are hoarding has the potential to make you good money if you put it on sale. There will certainly be people out there desperate for a bargain, and you could make it their lucky day, plus¬†earn yourself some cash to spend on something worthwhile. Perhaps a storage unit for the things that you can’t bear to lose! You can even give items away if you are feeling very philanthropic – it’s the quickest and easiest way after all.

Lastly, for practicalities sake, wouldn’t you like to be able to know where things are, or be able to go into a cupboard and dig something out, rather than spend excessive amounts of time rummaging through boxes. If you have found yourself buying something in order to replace something that you know you have, but have mislaid in your piles of bric-a-brac, then you certainly know it is the day that decluttering must commence!

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  1. Just a thought: if Jan is (was!) National Organizing Month, it would be nice to see more cool offres. (If there were, I must have missed it.)Love your newsletters; thanks for sharing the great info.

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