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Having your house redecorated can be an exciting occasion to get your property feeling more like your own home, with all the features you would love to enjoy. Alternatively it can be a difficult time where you need to calculatedly strip away the character and develop a more neutral ambience for when your property goes up on the housing market. In either scenario, there is going to be a period of conflict between the renovation and decoration work that is going to be occurring and having to continue using the home as a place to live.

Any sort of works occurring in your house like this will naturally need some space to expose the areas to be worked on, and provide a gangway for getting materials in and out of the property. Quite often a homeowner will elect to have renovations done on a room by room basis, meaning that items in the room being worked on will need to be packaged up and sent to a different part of the property or the garage or attic space. The more space you can get clear the better, as work can be done more effectively where there aren’t items blocking the path, and similarly your property will be less at risk from being layered in dust, plaster and wood shavings, or simply splattered with paint. For bigger renovations, it is fair to say that the expectation would be to have everything out of that part of the property.

Simply reshuffling items around the house as demanded sounds fairly straightforward in principle, but how achievable is this really? In many cases it is the single big items that cause the space difficulty, rather than the abundance of small ones, and whilst you can pack several cases of books away in boxes and find a corner of another room to pile them up in, the same can’t be said of the bookcase itself which is cumbersome to move and won’t easily fit anywhere else in the house.

This is where you you might want to consider using the services of a self storage facility near you that can provide you with a short term contract on a unit of space sufficient to bear the brunt of the larger items in your home that are only going to get in the way of your redecorating aspirations. This will mean that you don’t have to worry about shifting unwieldy items around during the works going on in the house – only one move is required to get them out of the way. Also, the storage space will be ideal for continued usage after this phase, especially if you are planning on moving, as this will simultaneously take care of the non-essential items that are not needed during that phase either.

All in all this is a perfect example of what self storage is here for, to help give you that extra bit of space and remove one headache at least from a period of change in the home.

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