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In today’s lifestyle, we have learnt to pack in as much as possible to our decreasingly sized homes. Extra storage is on the wishlist of pretty much anybody concerning their property, and solutions abound to store particular types of household item in the most efficient way. Even more so, opinions are everywhere on this matter, from those that feel buying and storing effectively works best for them, to those that believe a simple lifestyle with little in the way of material possessions is the key to happiness.

Whichever path you tread, you are going to have to look up occasionally and see that space needs to be made – everywhere has become overcluttered. It’s a big task to fix it, but undeniably an addictive one, as one you start it is something that you are determined to get right. For those parts of your home that are bothering you, it is worth getting a system in place to ensure that only the most important items are there right where they are needed.

It will be abundantly clear when sorting through your household possessions what items are most needed, because you come into contact with them virtually every day. It will also be fairly obvious, once you’ve got into the swing of things, what is in the way or shoved at the back of cupboards, in either case never being used, although it can take a while to develop an eye for this since you are probably used to the lack of space and intrusion from items that are no longer needed. You can quite easily get rid of these items, to sell on ebay or to friends, to give away under a freecycling project, or just taken straight to the garbage. It is actually rather amazing how much stuff can be held onto needlessly for years, which is never used, and brings forth an abundance of space once cleared out.

There will be a large portion of items however that come under neither classification – those needed occasionally, or that demonstrate a clear advantage to be kept for the moment. For many people, this could be the largest grouping of items of the lot. The items will need to be stored somehow, but the main assessment to make is one of realistically determining how much storage space you actually have for this stuff. Remember, your end goal here is to make space rather than keeping things. Items that may get some use and don’t take too much space can be stored at home – the remainder that may be bulky and not so often required can easily be taken to a storage facility, where there will be plenty of space for them, and they are out of the way until the day comes that they are needed once again.

This is a great use of self storage, and one that is most needed in this day and age – the ability to create extra space to put belongings so that our own living spaces can continue to thrive clutter free.

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