How accessible is your storage unit?

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Storage units make themselves present under all sorts of circumstances, and finding the one that suits you demands slighter deeper research than simply calling up the storage units near your area. Depending on how they have been designed and arranged, storage centres can vary in their accessibility, and what is a benefit for one person might be a significant issue for another. Below are some thoughts on this.

A potential big question is what the storage facility’s opening hours are. Facilities can differ a lot in this respect, with some not open every day, and open and closing at widely varying times. You need to ensure that you can access your storage unit at those times that you need it, so if you think you will make frequent visits on Sunday evenings you ought to ensure that your expectation that it will be open will be met. Some facilities have a 24/7 arrangement, and if they do, you will need to be fully convinced that the unit will be accessible and the site safe during unsociable hours.

Something else that needs to be accounted for is how the storage unit you have been allocated is situated. For some people it will not matter too much – for items that will be stored long term and not retrieved for several months, a ground floor option may not be a complete necessity unless very heavy items are involved. However in many cases, where you need to access storage on a continual basis, taking items in and out, it will be a lot more convenient to be able to work on ground level, rather than shunting up and down all day in a slow goods lift. Also, check that the actual position of the unit is amenable to the items you are storing, in that you can easily manoeuvre them in and out if the unit is in a corner, or in a tight corridor. Some storage areas are drive-up, which is of course the ideal in most people’s eyes, as offloading a van full of items straight into the unit is a lot more convenient than loading up a pallet then walking around the unit until you reach your bay, unload and back again. Essentially you don’t want to enter into a storage arrangement which you find compromises you, in terms of effort or even health.

Another bonus in our eyes is the presence of staff on site. Having someone at the front desk who can advise concerning any questions, or who can assist accomplish any heavy lifting safely, is a big bonus to having peace of mind in utilising your storage bay. If your storage opens very late or early, there is obvious benefit is also having security staff who can vet those coming in, patrol the premises and keep an eye on CCTV for your safety. Also having some basic amenities, like a washroom, coffee machine etc., and moving and lifting equipment such as trolleys, pallets etc., are all big pluses that will make all the difference.

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