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Apr 4, 2015 | | Say something


If your business is taking off, then that’s great news that ought to be congratulated, but the celebrations can be somewhat tamed down by increased responsibility and demands. One of these unsolvable problems is business location – being visible and attractive to clients of course means putting yourself in the thick of where it is profitable to be, and business property owners and local councils are certainly savvy to this going by their rates. As such if your organisation is going to increase in size, resulting in more output, stock and staff, moving to larger and considerably more expensive premises might feel a bit risky once the reality of the increased costs hits home.

Many businesses today are taking advantage of the boom in the self storage industry, as this effectively represents cheap office space that can be used for all manner of items that are not continually required. The difference in cost between extra space in an office block compared to a self storage unit speaks for itself. It makes more sense to move all your non-essentials out into cheaper space. There is no point in paying premium prices for just storing something that you are hardly going to make use of any time soon.

If you have cupboards of papers that need to be retained long term, these can be moved into storage and that could reappropriate office space for more productive tasks, and at least hold off a move until the time comes that such a venture would be more affordable. Likewise, most types of surplus stock can easily find home in self storage, where facilities are climate controlled, monitored with a high degree of security, and accessible most, if not all, hours of the day.

As a final bit of persuasion for any sceptical business owner – the contract terms for self storage are going to be far less of a headache than anything you are going to encounter for conventional renting of business premises. As long as whatever you are storing is insured, then you are ready to go. If you need to end the storage contract then you might need to give a small amount notice, let’s say of the order of a month, which you most certainly can’t say the same about when it comes to standard office space.

It is pretty clear then that if you want to make the next step up for your business, consider self-storage to help you in reducing a few running costs to get up there.

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