Storing belongings for a long holiday

Dec 25, 2014 | | Say something

Miles and miles away from any storage facility…

There comes a time in one’s life when it’s time to leave the rat race, at least for a few months. Nah, let’s make that a year. Loosen the ties to employment, take your mind off another month’s rent, take that money you’ve been saving (it isn’t doing anything for you just sitting there is it?), and blow it on the one big opportunity to have to live for real. Tour the world, see places you always dreamed about, chalk up some experiences and have some incredible stories to tell at the end of it.┬áThere was a reason you did eight hours of slog every day wasn’t there?

Still, there’s got to be some sort of plan in place, you have to have a vague idea what you are doing and where you are going, and get prepared. For unless you are one of these remarkable people who seem to eternally be capable of moving across the globe with doing only a dot of work here and there, you are going to have to return to the ground with a thud at some point. Usually that point is when money has run out and you need to get back onto the career, the 9-5 days with a trip to the dry cleaners on the way home, and carving out some sort of existence for yourself. (Until next time you get a brilliant idea to go away again.) Needless to say, if you get the chance to go on a journey or a gap year when you are young, do it for goodness sake, otherwise you it will be a lot harder to organise when you are several years into a difficult career. However, that organisation will include an inner conversation along the lines of “where am I going to put my stuff”, hopefully followed by some research into the most affordable storage units in your area

…well maybe not, as we have already worked out, going away for the best part of a year is going to eat into your finances like a hungry monster, and spending money back home whilst you are away was certainly not part of the plan. However, your possessions will need to be kept safe somehow or other, and you really oughtn’t be an imposition on friends and family who are probably not factoring into their domestic plans a whole room packed full of your things. Indeed, that ties them does, and if they want to move or downsize, what are they going to do with your stuff?

One reliable option is to look into self storage. And perhaps before you go scurrying around looking for the cheapest self storage units available, have a think about what things you will want to retain when you come back, or whether you have been pointlessly cluttering your life with objects that can be sold and perhaps could fund the storage unit idea, and pay for a few expenses on the road. It may be refreshing to return home a different person and with the bare essentials to build up your life once more, as you take the experiences on board and create another exciting chapter in your life.

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