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Moving business location can be daunting and full of all sorts of logistical complications. It may not just be a simple move from A to B, it can also be the end of one era and the start of another – the new office may have double floor space across a larger building for expanding new lines of business, or may be an attempt to reduce business costs by making cleverer use of a smaller space. You will be stressing about best desk layouts, dealing with the landlord, trying to get around what the phone, internet and server guys are talking about, and all the while most of your colleagues only really care about what the breakout room is going to look like.

For those who want to take a more relaxed route, you can always make use of the storage facilities in your area so that the bulk of the non-essentials can be dropped off whilst the move is taking place. You may find in the weeks leading up to the move that having this extra location to drop off boxes and containers will be invaluable until the first day of residency in your new business home. You may already have cupboards or cabinets full of items that are suggesting to be stored as they are at the midway point to make a bit of headway on the moving process. A move can sometimes mean new furniture and IT equipment, so this could be a good place to store old furniture and electronics before selling them on or repurposing them.

A brief storage contract ought to ensure that you can concentrate on getting the important things up-and-running and phase in the movement of archival or non-critical material. However contrary to this you might want to put your most important documentation in storage whilst the move occurs, so it doesn’t fall prey to the box that ends up going missing, or to ensure for your own piece of mind that potentially fragile items are kept in totally safe hands rather than being thrown about in the tumult of the move. Whichever way you want to play it is up to you.

You will obviously need to consider what sort of storage solution will work out best for your move, especially in terms of space and ensuring that you can comfortably fit in your bulkiest items. A unit with easy access will have its obvious benefits as well, since whoever is charged with doing the moving, if it isn’t yourself, is going to be far more positive about the task if it isn’t going to take up too much time and manpower.

Whilst you may have only agreed a short term contract with your storage providers, you may find as part of your move that keeping extra documentation or surplus stock on separate premises has worked well in terms of productivity and practicality. If you have found that self storage may satisfy other business needs, you could therefore discuss how to move on for a more longer term arrangement with your local storage provider.

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