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If you are entrusting a chunk of your possessions to somebody else’s guardianship, you ought to ensure that you are satisfied with security arrangements at the self storage units near you that you have chosen. This is a key part of the agreement and understanding between parties in a self storage contract, and you will want to be sure that your belongings are safe and sound, and exactly as you left them when the day comes to collect them again. This is all apart from the considerations you have made about storing your items in a good manner so that they maintain quality condition in any season, what we are concerned with here is the general security of the site from intruders up to no good.

It does need to be said that one of the most important considerations in terms of security is actually down to you, the customer. This is the quality of the lock which you have chosen to secure your belongings. We had a quick review of locks in a previous article. If you don’t have a sturdily designed lock keeping the unit front tightly locked then that’s not helping you very much, your unit is essentially an open invitation to any nosy body that might be lurking around.

However obviously it’s not just all about locks on doors, within the storage facility the storage company must demonstrate further willingness to keep security top notch. Onsite vigilance is key, with CCTV being important to keep a watchful eye on goings on in the facility, and hold footage should any question of security at a particular time be posed. Having an onsite security personnel is a bonus as a further deterrent and to act in case of any issues, and could be considered a necessity in facilities with very wide or 24/7 opening hours. In addition to this, a method of logging who is on site at any one time is highly advisable. Some facilities allow an electronic keycode or a card swipe to enter the facility, which is a further deterrent.

The building the self storage facility is housed in must also demonstrate the same rigours for security. It needs to be well protected all around, with adequate fencing to ward off anybody from entering the premises except via the established routes. At the car entrance there may be an access gate, monitored from the front desk or by electronic card, which opens only for valid customers. Once inside, common areas need to be well lit, and that includes any areas around the perimeter of the building or parking zones where customers may pass through.

If you have any security concerns or just wish to talk the matter through with your storage company, they will be very welcome to enter into this discussion, to explain their security processes through so that you are happy and that the excellent client relationship is maintained. If you have found any problems or wish to provide some feedback then do report these, to ensure that your belongings are kept safe and those of others.

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