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May 4, 2015 | | Say something


The self storage industry is really building up momentum in some parts of the world with stores popping up everywhere, not just in your usual retail park areas and beside motorways, but even in built-up urban areas as pretty much any abandoned large building is snapped up and converted into storage units. It’s certainly a sign that as housing space becomes less generous, those of us who live anything more than a life dictated by minimalist design will have a burning desire to squeeze a bit more room out of what they have got, whilst not consigning their favourite belongings into the nearby scrapyard.

Having that extra floorspace to put extra belongings is a truly wonderful opportunity, especially for those who have a hobby or collection that branches outside of compact living space. Whilst you are obviously going to have to pay for the benefits, the cost to you will be less than trying to acquire a living space with an extra bedroom. And better still, that extra space can be as small or large as you require it to be. Also, providing you are packing sensibly, longevity of your stored items is guaranteed with many storage units offering a level of heat and humidity that is suitable for storing most objects. Even if not, then they will be able to offer you, or point you in the right direction, of a facility that can cater sufficiently for the sorts of items you are planning on storing.

Self storage is renowned for its security and safekeeping of your items. Arrival and exit of all customers on the premises will be logged, CCTV of common areas will be monitored, security lighting, all manner of fencing and barricades, and in some cases round-the-clock personnel will not only deter but physically prevent theft of your items. Not even the staff of the facility are going to be able to get into your unit, unless you have breached your terms of contract, in which case the dreaded lock clippers may have to come out.

So for someone with a lot of extra items that need long term storage, let’s say you have a collection of unwieldy items that are not going to be of much use in a cluttered one bedroom flat, a self storage contract will in many ways be the gateway to a better quality of life.

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