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Dec 21, 2014 | | Say something

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Writing this so close to Christmas, one feels a certain timeliness as the house gradually accumulates a lot of, well, stuff. Presents and wrapping paper are now occupying a sizeable chunk of the bedroom, the fridge and freezer are packed to the top with all manner of food stuffs that you can’t believe just one household can get through, plus of course there’s the Christmas tree, tinsel and decorations planted on virtually any free surface. And just when you started to get used to the reduced space and knocking things over every five minutes, some people arrive to be entertained…and then more people…and then some more. What must they be thinking of this mess, all crammed together in their Christmas jumpers and fineries, making small talk of their year’s profits and where they went on holiday, but probably wanting more to reflect upon how anybody can live in such a chaos.

There really isn’t any better occasion for not just Christmas, but any festive occasion where a lot of people might be dropping by, to get your non-essentials packed up and into storage, even just on a short term contract. The boxes that you got away with storing in the spare room aren’t going to be welcome when the in-laws want to come over for the weekend – it will look frankly shoddy to expect somebody to sleep in an unforgiving store room. There is only so much hiding of items in drawers and under beds that you can do, and certainly buying more furniture and cupboards is going to put a strain on a budget already depleted on other festive arrangements, and will probably make the space situation even worse.

Thankfully you won’t be the only one in this position and you should be able to discuss with your local self storage providers what sort of short term arrangements they have, and you may be surprised at the generous introductory rates that can be offered for just a week or two’s small storage hire. If it’s just a case of getting a cupboard’s worth of ornaments out of the way, or making a second bedroom look more like a bedroom, or you want to totally rearrange the house and turn it into a mystical grotto, there will be a storage solution for you to realistically achieve this. Furthermore you could probably do with a cheap storage space to pack away the Christmas gubbins for the remainder of the year once the whole affair is over and normality restored to your setting.

So if you want to have your household looking like it’s working like clockwork when guests are staying, even if it’s frantically paddling beneath the surface, the primary solution is to get in touch with the storage facilities near you and arrange a short term storage contract. This will ensure you have some quality space made up to prepare for the festivities, and a more comfortable and amenable setting in which to welcome and entertain your guests. They need never know!

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