Running An Office From Self Storage

Mar 4, 2015 | | Say something


Self storage, as we have seen, is quite a versatile market and there are many alternative ways to use the storage space other than as a drop off point for excess items. Knowing that customers are turning to self storage to run their business, there is a wave of facilities that can offer dedicated office space in their storage facility. Yes, this is real office space, not a desk and chair in a metal container, but a room with all mod cons (and if you want, windows!) situated on the premises.

But why would you want to turn to self storage for an office space, when you can acquire an office space through the usual channels? It largely comes down to convenience and flexibility. Contracts on office space in standard office blocks are generally fairly long, and may not be as attractively priced as those on offer through self storage incentives. There is also the possibility that should you need more or less space, a quick easy discussion should be all you need to secure this, rather than tediously protracted and expensive runarounds with managing agents and lawyers.

As a managed office solution, you may get a lot of exciting add-ons other than just a room. It is possible that many of your utilities are invoiced at a flat rate and may even be included in the quoted price – very helpful for working out your budget. There will most likely be facilities also available for administrative tasks such as photocopying or picking up and dropping off deliveries, and meeting room facilities to talk business with clients.

There is also the very real likelihood that you are already making use of storage facilities for your sales products or archives. If you need to be right next to where your stock or documents are, then this office space potential is a solution well worth discussing with the self storage outlets that offer it. Also, due to the great pricing and relatively low commitment for business premises, a self storage office may be a good first place of business for a newly founded company.

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