Preparing Valuable Items For Self Storage

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Valuables can come in all sorts of forms – from the expensive electrical goods that are part and parcel of modern live, to the data that we hold on hard drives, through to the old family heirlooms. All retain personal and financial value to varying degrees, and we are naturally very careful when these objects are in our hands. However, what about those times when they are out of our sight, stored away at home or at a nearby self storage outlet? We should be just as careful that the items concerned are being stored in the right place and in the right way.

One problem that can crop up either at in home storage or in a self storage outlet is damp and mustiness. The rate at which is occurs and to what extent will vary considerably, but it is a risk that you need to consider minimising as a priority. We talk a lot about it on this particular page. Silica gel and room moisture absorbers are good for starters, and you can take it further by lining the floor of your storage unit with plastic sheeting to trap rising water vapour. Having a storage facility with climate control will help a lot in this respect too – ask at your storage unit provider and see what else they have to say about preventing damp, as one it pervades it destroys anything made of natural materials and is quite hard to get off most other materials too. Indeed electrical items one might think are fairly sturdy, but actually many components are sensitive to the effects of damp, and when taken outside of normal domestic atmospheric conditions and temperatures are prime for malfunction. The key here is to carefully box these up in cardboard and polystyrene, and make use of silica sachets as referred to above.

Now the discussion about damp is over, what else is there to consider? Well, the other airborne problem which we are damned with and damned without is oxygen! For objects that are made out of metal will end up reacting with the oxygen in the air, resulting in a layer of oxide coating or rust, which obviously tarnishes and weakens the material. Jewellery specialists will be able to advise you about suitable bags and cases that can protect expensive necklaces and watches; whereas for those of us storing tools, polishing with an oil-based substance should provide a long lasting coating protecting against inference from the elements.

Nature can take its course in other ways, and another potential disaster is if other species want in on the action – we’re talking about pests here. If you have ever had a sneaky moth living in your wardrobe you will know that this means holes in fabrics and eggs in seams, not really ideal in anybody’s book. Insect repellents are the name of the game here, and now you can get further assurance than just bunging in some mothballs and hoping for the best – bags and materials are now available that can take care of nasty insects, available from many home stores.

Finally, security arrangements are a key¬†consideration. This is probably what would make someone prefer going to a self storage unit near them rather than keeping things¬†stashed away at home. With self storage you have a lot of physical protection for your items, your own locks, CCTV and often staff onsite around the clock. As much as you can comply with ensuring your valuables are stored away with good principles, a lot has to be said for ensuring it doesn’t fall into anyone else’s hands. Something worth thinking about.

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