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We had a look in a previous article at how businesses have been thinking outside the box (or storage unit) when it comes to making the most of the empty warehouse space that can be granted when they make use of self storage units near them. They have found that what may have once been a repository for boxes of yellowing papers and legal documents, can be made into a stockroom with a makeshift office, but there have been reports of companies really stretching the limits of what can be done in a storage unit. And as they evolve and grow, so do the storage companies, who are allowing greater flexibility with what their customers can achieve in the space, and even offering additional front office services for yourself and visiting clients.

All sounds very well and good, but doubts are easily sowed. After all, a storage unit is really for storing things isn’t it, how could you wing it so that you can effectively use it as a piece of business space? Well it isn’t a case of bending rules and seeing what you can get away with – take your business idea to your storage company and see what solutions they can provide for you. Many storage companies now have business divisions where units can be converted into offices, meeting rooms, or so much more.

Gymnasiums are another of the crazes in recent years, with these popping up all over the place as people become a lot more health and image conscious than ever before. Many gyms have the aesthetics of a large container packed with rows of running equipment and weights. It is probably feasible that you could use a storage unit to shift some weights, invite others along, and before you know it you have an independent subscription based gymnasium operating from the comfortable and safe confines of your storage space. For obvious reasons it would be better to find a unit that has some sort of private bathroom area where changing and washing can occur(!), so measures up the practicalities before jumping into something too quickly.

Another pastime that requires space and remoteness, and in fact storage, is the performing arts such as music. Like gyms, there are many railway arches and square box buildings which host a wealth of artistic creativity inside rather faceless surroundings. Self storage could potentially join the list. With some good lighting, a bit of ambience, and a hell of a lot of soundproofing, you could achieve a music rehearsal or even performance space with a lot of promise. Certainly the opportunity there to build a purposeful business which can be grown and taken to far larger external premises should you ever desire. Obviously there will be many things to be worked out with the storage company, electricity being one if your music requires a lot of amplification, but they should be fairly amenable if you have a solid plan and display knowledge and proof of that it will work. One of the best things about having your own music practice space, rather than renting a dedicated service, is that you have up to 24/7 access, no need to book in advance, and even better you can leave all your gear set up. Share this between several people and the costs are very affordable, the benefits staggering.

What else could you do with this space – a photography studio perhaps? A bike repair shop? Microbrewery? Go on, have a think and see what you can come up with.

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