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In a previous article, we had a look at the various factors that determine how well wine is likely to keep under storage, with mention of specialist self storage arrangements that can cater for this. To recap, wine ought to be kept in darkness at a steady temperature, preferably around 12-13 degrees but slightly warmer can be tolerated, and a reasonably humid environment of at least 60% humidity. Conditions in self storage, even climate controlled, can fall outside these requirements, particularly on the humidity front where we have been campaigning largely for keeping conditions reasonably dry to preserve the quality of items sensitive to the problems of damp

Some interesting places have opened up in the UK which help wine connoisseurs keep their collections – Big Yellow Self Storage in the Fulham district of London is one example, taking a subsection of their storage location for wine buffs. Essentially cellars are provided that can hold a given number of cases, with the ideal atmospheric conditions for wine storage being maintained. As bonuses, they lay on wine tasting facilities and can assist with any deliveries that are made to your cellar. Whilst targeted at the fine wine crowd, there may be others who might be interested in taking up this opportunity. Preparing for a big occasion may require a large amount of wine to be kept in advance, likewise restaurant owners might see this as a useful venue for overstock.

However, if that’s not impressive enough for you, try this place – Octavian Corsham Cellars down in the West Country. These are real cellars cut into the hills that in the past were used for mining and wartime storage of munitions. 100 feet deep, the place is a treasure trove where many serious wine collectors choose to store their wares either for consumption or investment. As well as providing the optimum conditions for wine storage, the place is heavily guarded with rock solid security arrangements, and a very sturdy insurance policy to cover any damage to your stock. Every single bottle is logged and tracked, so that all can be accounted for, and most crucially can be found within the complex!

So if your wine investment is a big deal, then there are certainly places around that can help you keep this safe until the day that it can be enjoyed. Cheers!

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