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An earlier article dealt with putting a car into self storage, but what about the more specialised sector of the auto market? For some people, cars are more than for just getting around a bit, they have their aesthetic merits and are therefore deemed highly collectable. With collectability comes the acquisition of older cars with design features different to those prevalent today, but if you are a keen car collector or refurbisher and don’t have the luxury of your own garage complex, is self storage going to satisfy your needs?

Well yes, as there are storage facilities around these days that are dedicated to, or offer a specialised classic car storage service. Classic cars, due to their age and frequency of use, are going to require a little extra care and attention when in storage, and owners are likely to be enthusiasts who need a place to do a bit of tuning up. However there are specialised centres out there that will take care of some of the maintenance work for you, beyond providing the usual optimum climate controlled and highly secure storage conditions. Obviously these storage centres will have on their staff classic car enthusiasts with the relevant training and qualifications to carry out standard car maintenance procedures, beyond the more hands-off approach of regular self storage, so you don’t have to keep making the journey down there to keep things ticking over yourself.

The storage centre may offer services to keep your car presentable, nicely waxed and dust free, or may with your permission go further into the workings of the machine to give you an all round regular mini-servicing. They can look after the wheels and tyres, keep the battery charged up and oil up anything that needs to be oiled up. If you want they can get the engine started up and give it a quick spin around the block. Any issues can be reported back to you.

So if this sounds good to you, it may be worth exploring if such an option is available to you locally.

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