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Many people gravitate to self storage near them when they are moving house, and we will look at the reasons this has become so common in this article, and provide useful advice on how to make the most of self storage to lessen the load at this rather fraught and difficult time.

You may find yourself heading towards the storage units near you well before any move occurs, particularly if you are a homeowner planning on selling. The common advice for selling any home is to remove perceived clutter and reduce to essential items of furniture for viewing. This means that you will potentially be looking for a home for those tables, sofas and chairs that take up space when your home is in viewing mode, and also discovering all sorts of items that can go into storage in the garden too. Speak to your local storage company and explain what you have – they will have set storage unit spaces according to domestic sizes already, so they should be able to quickly get a feel for how much space you require.

When it comes to the move itself, especially if you have not already undertaken the packing exercise to sell, you may find that you need more space packing than you thought. If you are doing a lot of the removals driving yourself, you may want to try and phase the move in several stages rather than one pickup and dropoff. You could divide possessions into items that can be temporarily stored and those that are essentials and rely on the essentials for the time being, with the self storage company looking after your other items that can return later.

The idea of putting non-essentials is a good one because the usefulness persists after the move as well. You don’t want your house being full of unnecessary items when it comes to decorating, painting (paint and your valuables don’t often get on well), choosing new furniture – make your plans here first and then bring all your other items in later. In some cases it isn’t even feasible to be living in the house whilst renovations occur, so again if you are staying elsewhere temporarily, self storage with be a save a lot of hassle in terms of being a spot to drop off all the items that you can do without for now.

The key component however is planning well ahead. To make best use of storage, pack sensibly, don’t overstuff boxes, save your valuables with lots of bubble wrap, and label boxes so that you know where things are for later. If furniture can be easily disassembled then do it, as it will be easier to transport and take up less space in storage. Ensures items like freezers are defrosted, lawnmowers drained, and put into whatever measures you can to defeat problems with humidity and damp. If you are storing outside, keep items off the floor on a pallet to reduce any effect from rain or snowfall leaking into the unit, and use plastic sheeting over everything to get pests off your valuables. There’s much more advice throughout this website and others to peruse – plan and learn the best way of storing and this will help your moving efforts immensely.

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