Self Storage and the International Student Market

Feb 21, 2015 | | Say something


We posted not that long ago about how self storage can be of use to students making their first steps into adult life, and dealing with the problem of space versus stuff in their accommodation options. Out of term time, university halls may kick everyone out for refurbishment or it may be time to move on and look for a flat with a few friends, but in either eventuality there may be the question of where to put a whole pile of belongings temporarily until term begins again. It may often come down to pulling a few favours back home for a lift back in the family car with everything loaded into the boot and back seats.

What then of international students? The UK for example is a very popular country for visiting students from Europe and further beyond, thanks to the Tier 4 student visa, and has secured itself as a prime location to study in an array of well known universities, with the benefit of improving familiarity with the English language for international job prospects. They too will have landed in their university town with a mass of personal belongings and a growing collection of study books, but having paid a fortune for doing so on the airlines, and the hassle and cost associated with this would be a key deterrent to having to make regular return journeys to a rainy island in the North Atlantic accompanied with all their clutter.

It may be found more affordable therefore to hire a small amount of self storage space at times needed, rather than flying it around to and fro. This will ensure that items are kept fully safe and secure, and not having to entrust somebody to look after your belongings for you, which is a slightly unreliable solution given young people’s ever changing circumstances. If a group of students can pitch in and share a storage space, that would make the costs even more bearable. It’s definitely worth a thought, as opposed to unnecessarily lugging belongings halfway across the world. And the more students do it, the more we may see special deals for student short term storage rentals in university towns.

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