Moving House and Self Storage Options

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Moving house is so frequently associated with the need to clear out or reorganise belongings, as you don’t to have to move a wealth of items that are not needed, nor do you want to be clambering over boxes when trying to get new furniture and white goods installed. It may be felt highly desirable that self storage should be considered on a temporary basis and possibly leading on to a more long term arrangement.

Having access to a self storage unit near you allows for flexibility and the ability to phase in the moving of belongings to your taste. It can also be a most useful option should there be any delays in the progress of the acquisition of the new property. Quite commonly, redecoration may have to take place during the transition, one of many of the sorts of reasons that may delay properly moving all your belongings into a new household. A short term contract with a local self storage facility should be able to help you manage this aspect of a move more effectively, allowing you to keep your items within reach but not interfering with more important business you have going on.

Removals companies have known about this requirement for some time and may be able to offer you a temporary storage solution in their warehouse as part of their service, whilst you wait for the proper moving in day to arrive. If you are offered this, it is worth finding out some more specifics about the storage being offered so that you know what to expect. Find out what items they will and will not accept for storage. Are you able to access items whilst they are in storage? This is quite a big question actually, as for many removals companies this is going to be a no. If that is an issue for your moving plans, then you may want to investigate self storage facilities to look after part or all of your storage requirements. Perhaps the removals company can keep hold of furniture and you can keep the self storage for the smaller items that might be more frequently needed outside of the home.

If you are in luck you may have a removals company that can offer a fully fledged self storage solution as an arm to their organisation, or through a tie-in with another group. It is a fact worth finding out as you weigh up the storage possibilities prior to the moving period.

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