Benefits of Self Storage for Your Business

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Self storage is ideal for businesses who have run out of spare desk space to put things down on, extra cupboards to leisurely fill up, secret corners in which to stash products. A thoroughly decluttered and reorganised working environment will get everything running smoother, restore employees’ pride in the company, and get fewer disconcerting remarks from visitors and clients. Many small businesses will not see much return from investing in more commercial property space in which to solely store things, so self storage comes into its own as a practical and affordable solutions. More to the point, it is a lot easier to put something into storage during difficult periods of transition, such as office refurbishment and relocation, times of the year when large items and particular sales displays are not required, and during periods of growth and downsize.

Paperwork is an obvious target for storage, as the spontaneity of archival queries means that it is often difficult to predict what document is required when. There is little point therefore having boxes of papers hanging around the office seldom glanced at. A lot of space can be freed up all over the business premises by dealing with rogue stacks of paper. Organise these into boxes, label them and ensure the boxes themselves are robust and of comparable size, so that stacking in the storage unit will be easy. Spare chairs and other bits of furniture can be put in as they are, perhaps with some manouvering, placing on side, or taking apart.

Offices and other business premises also accumulate computers, printers and other IT gubbins, which over time spill out of the server room and begin to live out their remaining days on desks not doing an awful lot. Electrical goods need some thought when putting into storage, assuming these are going to be reused one must be mindful of the sensitivity of the components. Put computers back in their original boxes if you have them, but chances are those went out to be recycled a long time ago. So you will have to find a good match for boxing, and pad the empty space with foam. Climate controlled storage is an obvious benefit, since this maintains a steady temperature and humidity in your unit space, and will prevent any damage to electrical items. The same in fact goes for pretty much anything else you store away – paper, furniture, medicines. Check with your storage company prior to moving in if you plan to store any chemicals – they might have certain terms and conditions in relation to these; or have some specific tailored advice for your situation.

The final consideration is accessibility of items. Chances are that you yourself might not have abundant time to go to the storage unit at the drop of a hat. Delegating employees to make the trip is probably most likely, so for their benefit you ought to provide them with a plan of what items are in what units (if you have more than one), a small map of where key items are likely to be in a unit, and perhaps also a map of where the units are down the long winding corridors.

Like all matters of business, good preparation and execution are key factors in even this most innocuous of tasks.

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